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  • Homeschool Guidebook for Colorado

    Homeschool Guidebook for Colorado

    This comprehensive guide for home education in Colorado is your go-to for help whether you're just getting started, finishing up high school, or need an encouragement fill-up.

    $34.99 ea.

  • Colorado Civics: a K-12 Civics + History for Colorado Home Educating Families

    Colorado Civics: a K-12 Civics + History for Colorado Home Educating Families

    Satisfying the required civics instruction in the Colorado homeschool law, this book (published by CHEC!) will teach your students the foundations of responsible citizenship and the constitutional heritage of our nation as well as the fascinating details of Colorado history. The 250-page textbook is set up unit-study style with unique images, book suggestions, activities, and field trip ideas built in to each lesson, allowing you to tailor the content to your student's abilities. Units include The Founding of Our Government, The Bill of Rights, The Election Cycle, Patriotic Symbols, Colorado History, Godly Citizenship and Political Action, and more.

    $34.99 ea.

  • CHEC High School Guidebook

    CHEC High School Guidebook

    A step-by-step help for navigating the high school years of homeschooling in Colorado. Taken directly from the CHEC Homeschool Guidebook, this includes just what is needed for those homeschooling during the high school years.

    Please note everything included in this guidebook is included in the CHEC Homeschool Guidebook. There is no need to purchase both.

    $19.99 ea.

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